Practicing in Bow Valley by Dr. Paul Lubitz

Dr. Paul Lubitz Talks about Living and Practicing in Bow River Valley

Dr. Paul Lubitz is a highly educated and trained dermatologist who has been practicing in the field of dermatology for more than a decade. Originally from Scarborough, Ontario and a graduate of the medical school at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Paul Lubitz settled down several years ago with his wife in Canmore, Alberta in the beautiful Bow River Valley part of Canada.

He is now practicing dermatology at Bow Valley Dermatology in Canmore General Hospital, a clinic that truly suits both his frame of mind and his work values, something that becomes obvious when speaking with him.

    • First of all, can you discuss how this area of Canada compares with other parts of the country you’ve perhaps lived in?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: Of course. When I first moved to Canmore, one of the more impressionable differences that I noticed in the people in Bow River Valley is that, at least compared to other parts of the country, the people here really value the idea of living a balanced life. They truly understand the importance of creating a harmony between their work-life and enjoying things outside of work, like friends, family and the spectacular outdoors pursuits this region has to offer.

Prior to moving to Bow River, I was not only having difficulty finding that work-life harmony, I hardly knew such a balance existed! I eventually learned that living a balanced life, also means living a healthier life, both physically and mentally. And when I moved here, I made a personal vow to not get so caught up in my work that I lose sight and time for other important things, like family, friends and enjoying the wonderful natural beauty of the Bow Valley. I can tell you that the people and communities here inspire me to stick with that goal.

    • You mentioned that prior to moving to the Canmore you had difficulty finding a balance between work and life outside of work. Out of curiosity, what kind of hours were you working in the previous dermatology clinic you were practicing at? What do you think some of the consequences were of working so much and having almost no balance in your life?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: That’s a good question. A lot of people balk when I mention just how many hours a week I was working in my previous position. To be honest, I was routinely working 16 hours a day, seven days a week. As you can probably tell, practicing dermatology that many hours a week meant that I had almost no social life outside of work.

To answer the second question, the consequences of working almost literally non-stop and having little to no life outside of my medical practice were enormous. My mood changed; I occasionally suffered from moments of despondence, and, needless to say, my relationships outside of work were terribly affected. All to say, I certainly learned my lesson and never want to repeat the mistake of having little to no equilibrium in my life.

    • Besides the people of Bow River Valley, how else does this area inspire you to try and create a more balanced life?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: Well, the Bow River Valley area has an incredible amount of natural beauty. It truly is astounding. So, I really try to take advantage of the amount of wildlife and nature here. Whenever I feel stressed or whenever I need a moment of quiet peace and reflection, I take a walk in one of the Bow River Valley’s many spectacular trail areas right in the Canmore area. Or I go exploring in world renowned Banff or Kananaskis National Parks both only a short drive away.

I’ve also been a serious wildlife and landscape photographer for many years now. Not only has photography become an important passion for me, and my second profession, but it also serves as a way for me to relax, and helps to keep me balanced and in touch with nature. So, going out and taking photos of wildlife or the spectacular landscape here in Bow River Valley brings a lot of joy to me.

    • What about your goals outside of work? Do you have anything not work-related that you’d like to pursue here in Bow River Valley in the near future?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: Right now, my primary focus is on creating the best dermatology clinic possible, and allowing me to provide advanced medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic care to the people of the Bow Valley. I currently own, manage and practice in a clinic called Bow Valley Dermatology located in Canmore General Hospital, which is a dermatology practice that, biased or unbiased, I’m very excited about. I’ve practiced dermatology in large medical practices in the past and these kind of medical clinics have always left me eventually with a bad feeling.

Bow Valley Dermatology, I’m happy to say, is different. It’s small. It feels welcoming, while still feeling private. And, most importantly, its size and its comfortable atmosphere give me a real opportunity to focus on providing personalized care that is patient-centered and less business-centered. The entire philosophy of my new clinic is refreshing to me and, without speaking in hyperbole, I now really enjoy coming to work each day.

Besides focusing on my medical practice, as both a photographer and a longtime collector of Native antiquities, I also have ambitions of opening both a Photographic Fine Art and Antique Native Art Gallery in either Canmore or Banff in the near future. Also, my wife Catherine and I have ventured into the world over the last few years of dog breeding, with our current passion being raising and breeding Great Danes. There will be a lot more to come on these subjects.

    • To give members of the community a little more information about Bow Valley Dermatology, can you provide a brief description of what kind of dermatology services you offer at the clinic?

Dr. Paul Lubitz: Sure. Bow Valley Dermatology is a full-service advanced dermatology clinic. That means that I offer education, prevention and treatment services for all types of skin ailments, in the fields of advanced medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. While I do see patients with all types of skin concerns, conditions and diseases, I do have several special interests and areas of expertise. On the medical side of things, I have a special interest in skin cancer diagnosis and prevention, acne and post-acne scarring treatments, eczema and psoriasis. On the surgical side, I have an interest and advanced training in removing a variety of different skin cancers and skin tumours from the face and body. Finally, I provide a wide variety of cosmetic surgery and skin enhancement services at the clinic, which is something that I’m both highly trained and experienced in providing. I have been trained in the most advanced cosmetic techniques by renowned cosmetic dermatologists, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists in both Canada and the United States over the past 15 years. In the cosmetic area, I have an interest in the treatment of sun damage, removal of pigmented lesions and blood vessels, volume restoration, and improvement of sagging skin and wrinkles.

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