Dr. Paul Lubitz and Great Dane Dog Breeding

Dr. Paul Lubitz – Dermatology vs Dogs: Which Will Win?

Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB has always been career focused. And in most cases, and to a degree, this can be a good thing. But early in his medical career, he let that focus take control of his life. Dr. Lubitz is a perfectionist by nature and that desire to be the best that he can be has, at times, caused him to lose his life balance. At his medical clinic in Edmonton a few years ago, he found himself working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. After five years on this grueling schedule, Dr. Paul Lubitz realized he was burnt out and needed a break. He realized that if he continued his practice on that same increasingly chaotic and demanding treadmill, he would have difficulty getting off that path in the future. Dr. Lubitz took a sabbatical from his medical career and decided to travel to regain his perspective and re-establish his balance.

For company, Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB took with him his faithful companion Oliver, his Burmese Mountain Dog. The pair spent a year and a half together travelling throughout the North American continent by jeep – and sleeping in a Boler travel-trailer not much bigger than the jeep that towed it. Together they roamed from the Yukon and Northwest Territories of northern Canada, to the arctic shores of Alaska, to the Four Corners area (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado) of the American west, to the everglades of Florida, and to the beaches of southern California and Mexico. All told, Dr. Lubitz and Oliver travelled more than 210 000 kilometers (about 140 000 miles) by road over the course of their journey.

It was during this time that Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB rekindled his fascination with dogs and first entertained the possibility of engaging in future dog breeding. When Dr. Lubitz came off the road, he began a serious relationship with Catherine Ewach whom he had known for several years and who would become his future wife a few years later. She had a three year-old son Hayden, and the pair had recently adopted a part Great Dane puppy named Nehko to keep her and her son company. Oliver and Nehko quickly became best friends and were a source of immense enjoyment and fun for the entire family.

In late 2010, Dr. Lubitz started a new part-time Dermatology practice at the Canmore General Hospital called Bow Valley Dermatology in Canmore Alberta. He married Catherine the following year, and with Hayden, Oliver and Nehko in tow, they settled into the their new life in the Bow Valley, Alberta.

“He [Nehko the part Great Dane] amazed us with his loyalty, protectiveness and gentleness. He was amazingly gentle with our son and yet undeniably powerful. Tragically, he passed away at a young age and we immediately knew that we wanted the Great Dane breed to become part of our family again.”

Dr. Paul Lubitz and his wife Catherine Lubitz soon became parents to a Brindle Great Dane female they named Liberty. Following Liberty, they added a Fawn Great Dane male named Taucher to their present stable. With Catherine as their trainer, Liberty and Taucher have competed extensively at regional and national dog shows and they are both Canadian Champions in Conformation. What that means, is that both Liberty and Taucher have been judged to have those important conformational attributes (structure, health and temperament) most desired in the Great Dane breed.

After significant deliberation, Dr. Lubitz and Catherine Lubitz decided to start a small breeding program focused strictly on Fawn and Brindle Great Danes. Their program – Mountain Peak Great Danes – supports humane breeding. As a result, “Our dogs do not live in kennels,” says Dr. Lubitz. “They are raised as part of the family and live within our home”. Mountain Peak Great Danes is focused on the development and improvement of the temperament and health of our dogs; not mass production. Because of our dedication to improving the Great Dane breed, we strictly limit our litters in order to focus on quality rather than quantity.”

Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB elaborates, “We scrutinize pedigrees, test extensively for genetic and predictable disease, and breed with an eye toward improving the health, temperament and well-being of the line. We feed our dogs nutritious foods and actively pursue general and appropriate veterinary care. Our dogs are walked daily, which teaches obedience in addition to providing valuable exercise and important structure. While our dogs live indoors, we get the puppies and adults outside whenever possible, which allows for extra exercise and much needed playtime. We interview prospective owners and sell puppies with contracts which helps us find more serious and responsible potential dog owners, and we also promise to take back any dog if the new owner cannot continue care.” Dr. Lubitz and his wife Catherine Lubitz are also members of the Great Dane Club of Canada and For the Love of Danes Rescue Organizations.

Above all, Dr. Paul Lubitz loves dogs and wants to share that love with all who will listen. He encourages anyone with questions to contact him or Catherine through their website at

When Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB isn’t taking care of his family and his dogs, he provides advanced dermatologic care to those in need through his Bow Valley Dermatology clinic. He still loves to travel with Oliver. Of course his wife and two sons (they added Jakob in early 2013), in addition to Liberty and Taucher now go too…and, by necessity, their trailer is quite a bit bigger than the original Boler, and the jeep has been replaced by a dually pickup truck.

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