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Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB is passionate about dermatology. He has spent his adult life in the medical field focusing his efforts on the treatment and prevention of skin cancer and related skin diseases. His clinic, Bow Valley Dermatology in Canmore Alberta, prides itself on putting the education of its patients first with the mandate of preventing dermatologic conditions rather than simply treating them.

But Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB has another passion that rivals his passion for medicine: Dr. Lubitz is passionate about photography.

His fascination with photography began at an early age of 12 years old when he built a rudimentary camera as part of a school science fair project. His interest grew further while taking pictures during his travels throughout North America with Scouts Canada as a teenager. When his travels took him to Africa and the Middle East in the mid 1980’s as a young wanderlust and a medical volunteer, it was through photography and drawing that he documented his adventures. Then while pursuing studies in French language and literature at the University of Laval in Quebec City in the late 1980’s, Dr. Lubitz included photography classes in his busy academic schedule.

His decision to pursue a career in medicine rather than the Arts would eventually relegate photography to the status of an avocation rather than his chosen profession. Life and the demands of his medical training would continue to force his passion for photography further into the background in the 1990’s but his fascination with the art and science of capturing images would never fully fade. Even while completing his rigorous medical degree education and subsequently running his own successful dermatology practice in Edmonton, Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB routinely indulged in photography courses, seminars and photo shooting outings as much as time would permit.

In 2008, Dr. Lubitz decided to simplify his life – to get back to nature, if you will – and allow his enthusiasm for photography and other arts back into the light. He took a break from medicine, and reminiscent of his time in Scouts as a boy and again as a young wanderlust in his twenties, he took to travelling to re-establish his balance and connect to nature and to those passions such as photography that were most important to him.

But this time, he no longer felt the desire or need to travel to far away exotic lands of Africa, the Middle East and the Far East to find the answers he was looking for and that he had been drawn to previously. Instead, he pursued the quiet solitude and peacefulness of the Canadian and American wilderness; north into the vast Canadian Arctic and to the far reaches of Alaska, west to the BC Coast, east to Cape Breton and Newfoundland, and south to the Native spiritual lands of the American Midwest. It was during these days that he once again rekindled and fanned the flames of his photography fervor, and built the fire that continues to burn strong today.

Dr. Lubitz has for more than 3 decades enjoyed photographing wildlife but over the past 10 years in particular, he has developed a very special passion for photographing bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, black bears, and, most recently, the Kermode or Spirit Bear of the Great Bear Rainforest on the BC coast. Dr. Lubitz now makes regular trips to the British Columbia coast, Alaska, the North West Territories, Manitoba, and Nunavut to photograph these bears in their natural habitats in addition to the other large mammals such as wolves, deer, elk, moose, caribou, and musk ox indigenous to these areas.

Dr. Lubitz also increasingly enjoys landscape photography, a fortunate and unanticipated consequence of his travels taking him to extremely remote and spectacularly beautiful areas in search of elusive wildlife. He focuses his landscape work predominately on the incredibly diverse Canadian landscape and travels throughout the country regularly to capture images of the Rocky Mountains, the Arctic and northern tundra, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Newfoundland and British Columbia, and the central plains regions.

But Dr. Lubitz does not only photograph wildlife and landscape above the water. Dr. Lubitz is a very experienced scuba diver and has worked extensively with underwater photography while on dive trips to Hawaii, Belize, Cozumel and throughout the Caribbean, the Red Sea, the Indian and Pacific Oceans and looks forward to doing more of this work in the future. He is particularly interested in photographing larger underwater animals such as whales and sharks, and has had many incredible (and very close) encounters with these magnificent creatures over the years.

In 2010, Dr. Paul Lubitz returned to the practice of medicine but on a much smaller scale, and started a part-time dermatology practice in beautiful Canmore Alberta. This decision would allow him to continue his photographic pursuits in the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, while at the same time providing him the opportunity to again provide essential medical services to the population of the Bow Valley.

In the last few years, Dr. Paul Lubitz of Canmore, AB has taken his passion for his photography down a new path, and to a new level: he is completing the final preparations for opening a Fine Art Gallery in the Bow Valley, Alberta. The gallery – Mystic Wild Fine Art Gallery – will showcase the wildlife and landscape photographic fine art of Dr. Lubitz in addition to displaying Contemporary and Antique North American Native Art. The Native Artwork will include pieces from Dr. Lubitz’ extensive private collection in addition to providing a venue for local, and regional Native artists to showcase their work. A website is currently under construction and more content will be added soon but even the introduction page is worth a look. If this lone image is any indication of the quality of Dr. Lubitz’ work, we can expect great things from this fledgling master in the near future.

When asked if his photography has a larger purpose other that the obvious one of showcasing the beauty and majesty of his subjects, Dr. Lubitz replies without hesitation, “I hope that through my photographic images, the public awareness and awe of the unique and fragile nature of the incredible world that we live in will be increased. And with this increased awareness, there will be a renewed sense of our individual, corporate and federal responsibility to preserve and protect these priceless gifts for future generations to enjoy”.

In the thirty-six years since his passion for photography first ignited, Dr. Paul Lubitz has kept that spark forever close to his heart; keeping it safe during the times when life demanded his attention elsewhere, kindling the small flame whenever there was time, and now, feeding that fire with fervor and determination, allowing the flame to blaze full force and deeply touching everyone who experiences it’s strength, warmth and light.

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